What is FASD

Definition = Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a diagnostic term used to describe impacts on the brain and body of individuals prenatally exposed to alcohol.  FASD is a lifelong disability.  Individuals with FASD will experience some degree of challenges in their daily living, and need support with motor skills, physical health, learning, memory, attention, communication, emotional regulation, and social skills to reach their full potential.  Each individual with FASD is unique and has areas of both strengths and challenges.

(Source CANFASD. Canadian government)

There is no safe amount of alcohol to be consumed during pregnancy. The brain and the nervous system develop during the entire pregnancy.

Prevalence = FASD is recognized as one of the leading known causes of developmental disability in the western world. Compared with other common disabilities, at an estimated prevalence of 4% of the population.

* It is 2.5 time more common than Autism Spectrum disorder. 

* It is 28 time more common than Downs Syndrome.

The difficult part is that they look normal and talk normal so people’s expectations don’t match their ability.

(source: the prevalence of FASD Katherine Flannigan..Canada FASD Research Network, July 2018.)

This educational program is about a condition that is near to my heart- FASD  Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. I am a Neonatal nurse practitioner. I have worked with babies with FASD and did not know what the lifetime disability would look like until I had 2 grandchildren affected with prenatal alcohol exposure.  It is a lifelong disability that is a spectrum disability.  I have studied and experienced it first hand.  I love teaching and coming alongside families experiencing this invisible disability.



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Living with FASD

We’ve been there

We want families to know there is hope. There are others out there dealing with the same issues. There are ways to parent that make a difference. We want our kids to THRIVE.

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